Bronxville, NY to Times Square in Manhattan

How do you get from Bronxville, NY to Times Square in Manhattan? Practice! Practice! Practice! Trust us as we are not joking. You have to practice purchasing your ticket(s) at the train station in Bronxville, NY.

If you can not or do not purchase your rail tickets at the train station in Bronxville for your trip to Manhattan, it will be more expensive (double in some cases) on the train adding to your commute budget so please be sure to schedule sufficient time to obtain your tickets at the Bronxville, NY train station to keep your expenses down.

So what train should you use to travel from the village of Bronxville that is located approximately 15  miles (24 km) away from  Times Square in Manhattan?

First, you will need to take to the Metro North Harlem line (OW: US$9.25; RT: US$18.50) from Bronxville, NY to Grand Central Terminal. The commute or trip on the Metro North Harlem line will take approximately thirty-five (35) to forty-five (45) minutes if there are no mechanical or weather delays. Once you and those with you are safely at Grand Central Terminal, you can transfer over to the S line to get to Times Square or jump into a taxi cab.

Will the taxi fare be cheap between Grand Central and Times Square? Well, if you can afford not to buy your tickets at the train station in Bronxville for the Metro North Harlem line, you will not have anything to worry about. If you need to budget some money for the taxi fare, you can use the avaqilavle fare calculator for estimates based on the time of day and the expected congetion.

If you will commute regularly, try to make good friends with students leaving and going to college so you can chat and keep occupied during the train ride. They may be going your way as well and one day can split a taxi cab with you on days with inclement weather that unfortunately stops train service and find about the latest school closing and delays.

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