Apply for Welfare in New York

The New York City Welfare Department (which helps with food stamps) has Job Centers in where you can apply for welfare in New York. To find out which one of the many Job Centers serves your area, you may call 1-877-HRA-8411 (automated system) or for a live person, dial 311.

Are you currently located outside of New York City? If so, please use 212-NEW-YORK to reach the 311 service. Before you go to a job center, make sure you have the following that shows eligibility.

Proof of your identity
To show proof of your identity, you will need to provide an unexpired photo ID. Valid identification are documents such as your Passport and Drivers License. If these are about to expire, try and renew them before starting the process.

Proof of residence
To show proof of your residence, you will want to show documents such as your lease and rent receipts. The lease (this may not be so in your case) will provide your address information while the rent receipts will show your duration of stay.

Proof of immigration status
To show proof of your immigration status, you will need to show identification such as your birth certificate, Passport or Green Card.

Proof of income
To show proof of your income, you will need to provide documents such as your pay stub (W-2 Form or 1099 Form) from current and past  jobs or your recent Tax Return. The W-2 Form and 1099 Form will have your address so make sure that your employer has the correct address on file as there are fees involved in replacing these documents if they get lost or damaged.

Proof of dependants
If you are applying for welfare for your child(ren), you will need to prove that they live with you by submitting a clinic card, a doctor’s letter, a school letter or a report card so try to acquire these before your child goes on an extended break from school.

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