Hedgehog Breeders in New York

Did you know that Hedgehogs are illegal in the 5 Boroughs (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island) of New York City? That’s right and the same goes to our neighbors in Pennsylvania due a passed law established back in the 1990’s. The hedgehogs (which people are very fond of) are considered exotic or unsual pets and require great care so they are not legal here in the 5 Boroughs.

If you are not residing inside the 5 Boroughs of New York City and Pennsylvania and decide to take one home, you should also know that hedhehogs are not legal as well in Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Vermont, and Washington D.C.

If authorities discover you with these pets in the areas mentioned, you risk having them taken away and in some cases (put to sleep) euthanized. So, where can you still find hedgehogs breeders in New York? Well you are in luck as Pat Storm of Thisledew Hedgehogs in North Tonawanda can help you as they are a one of many undiscovered USDA licensed breeders of hedgehogs in New York.

“I am a small hobby breeder,” says Storm “but try to have [hedgehogs] babies available on a regular basis.” Those wishing to do business with Thisledew Hedgehogs can be assured that All their hedgies come with a pedigree and health guarantee. “All parent hedgehogs are registered,” explains Storm “and many pedigrees can be traced back 12 or more generations.”

To make things simple, support is always available by phone or email. Questions on any hedgehog, no matter where purchased, are always welcome as well. “The health and proper care” says Storm “of all hedgehogs is of great concern and importance.”

Should you decide your hedgehog is not the pet for you or is illegal in your area, no matter where purchased, Thisledew Hedgehogs will provide a rescue service and place for no longer wanted hedgehogs in new, loving homes, or retire them on their premises.

Business Information:
Thisledew Hedgehogs
913 Walck Road
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Phone: (716) 694-5480
Email: thisledew@yahoo.com

USDA # 21-A-0054

Note: Business is often called Thistle Dew Hedgehogs by patrons.

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