Points Needed for New York State ID’s

Are you planning on applying or renewing expired New York State ID’s? For the points needed for New York State ID’s, please see the DMV website for a point sheet or below so that you may know¬†what you need to collect.

* Foreign passport with your visa, I-94 card, and Form I-20 that is valid for at least 6 more months – 3 points*
* A U.S. Social Security card that shows your signature – 2 points**
* A U.S. college photo ID card and a current academic transcript – 2 points
* A computer printed pay stub that shows your name – 1 point
* An employee ID card that shows your name – 1 point
* A health insurance card issued in the U.S. – 1 point
* A utility bill (cellular phones are not considered utilities) – 1 point
* A W-2 form – 1 point
* Only one of the following items issued by a financial institution – 1 point
– A bank statement.
– A canceled check which displays your pre-printed name.
– An ATM card or a debit card that displays your pre-printed name and your signature.
– A valid major U.S. credit card.

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