Women: Dressing for Winter

Layers! Always dress in layers. Did we mention to dress in layers? The problem with packing warm clothing for your New York trip is the fact that most winter clothing are often very bulky and will take up lots of room in your travel bags. Since you may visit New York from a warm climate, it will look strange to have on winter gear and will also be uncomfortable on a flight, bus or train ride.

To avoid this, smart travellers use Space Bag® (or similar products) to help them reduce the amount of bags that they need to carry. These smart, space saver bags work great and doing so make it easy to pack clothing needed for dressing for winter.

Even though it’s very cold in New York that if you spat into the air, it would freeze before it hits the ground, most New York businesses and attractionns will have their room temperature set to high so if you are not dressed in layers, you will be like a little chestnut roasting on an open flame after a few minutes in the venue.

It is always a great idea to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt under a sweater to keep comfortable and have handy gloves or mittens to protect your fingers and hat to keep in the warmth from escaping. Females should park their stilettos and wear some good cold and water resistant footwear with thick non-cotton socks (made of wool) to keep your toes nice and toasty and insulated from the elements.

Ice patches are frequently on the sidewalks and black ice in the city street and it would be rather embarrassing for you to slip and fall with lots of people watching.

If you are looking for Ugg’s as most women, a store is in SOHO on Mercer Street between Spring and Broome Street and the Upper West Side on Columbus Avenue. Other places that you may seek out are  Bloomingdale’s, Saks and Macy’s.

If you are going clubbing, please note that some clubs dress codes restrict certain type of boots so it is best to check this out in advance. This helps to keep up the club’s appearance and protect their expensive dance floors.

If you will not drive and do lots of walking in the city, an umbrella, trench coat or water resistant nylon jacket, will be your best friend and most used accessory when it starts to rain or snow. Please keep in mind, the heavy winds in the city will have plans to send your umbrella into another zip code so a coat with a hood or a hat is crucial.

For more ideas, take a look at the Head to Toe Winter Dressing Gear Guide from Sierra Trading Post Experts who discuss how to keep safe, warm, and in style when venture outdoors into the  cold weather.

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