Renewing Expired New York State ID’s

How do you go about renewing expired New York State ID’s? Well, the expiration date will play apart in getting your ID’s renewed. For up to date info and fees, see the NYS DMV brochure.

Drivers License.
If you are planning to renew a drivers license, it may be renewed (online, mail & DMV) if it current or has only been expired for less than two (2) years. If the drivers license is expired over two (2) years, you will need to carry all your documents with you to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) as you will not be able to renew the drivers license and reapply.

Non-Driver Photo ID Card.
If you are planning to renew a non-driver photo ID card, it is best to renew it at the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) as it can not be renewed by mail and only invitations from the Department of Motor Vehicles will indicate if you can renew online. When you attend in person, be sure to have your U.S. Social Security Card as we have indicated below.

The fee to renew a Class D license that has expired within the two (2) year grace period is US$50.00 plus a US$12.50 photo document fee for a total of US$62.50. For a short-term ID card, it will cost between US$9.00 and US$10.00 and US$13.00 and US$14.00 for long-term ID. These fees will also include a US$5.00 photo document fee.

Your U.S. Social Security Card is required when you renew a non-driver identification card or try to apply for an original New York State photo license, learner permit, or non-driver identification card. Be sure to take along a notebook (for notes for a return trip and a makeshift clipboard) and blue or black ink pens to sign or fill in any forms. If your legal guardian is required to attend with you, download the MV-45 form and follow its instructions.

For the points needed for New York State ID’s, please see the DMV website for a point sheet so that you may know what you need to collect before heading out to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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